The Laboratorio Paravicini, located via Nerino 8 in a hidden courtyard in Milan's historic center, is a Wunderkammer dedicated to lovers of hand-painted art and more. Numerous tableware sets animated by hand-painted decorations and prints with various patterns have been created here for over thirty years. The protagonists of these plate sets are dreamlike and exotic worlds populated by snakes, jugglers, hot air balloons, calligraphy, and monograms. In a game of references and quotations that give life to poetic suggestions, contemporary designs coexist with classic inspirations.

Constant experimentation and exuberant creativity have been the driving forces behind all of Laboratorio Paravicini's work. A production that has grown over time while maintaining its particular artisanal dimension.


Laboratorio Paravicini's production is highly artisanal, made of thin white earthenware turned by hand and finished piece by piece. Each plate is hand-painted with a brush, mixed technique, or print. A constant creative search and obsessive attention to every detail of production give Laboratorio Paravicini ceramics their unmistakable distinctive mark: uniqueness.

Laboratorio Paravicini's manufacture is now known for the wide variety of its numerous plate collections and for the customization and study of tableware services that are always up to date, as a result of an innate ability to reinvent itself over time.